Using up those leftover Easter Eggs

Ever get tired of eating Easter Eggs? We didn’t think so either… but on the off chance there’s an abundant amount leftover, here’s a few ideas that you can put an Easter Egg touch to in the kitchen

Hot fudge sundae

Melt all your eggs in one saucepan and use the mixture for a hot fudge sundae

Chocolate pudding

Make a chocolate pudding filled with melted Easter Eggs.

Easter Egg brownies

Easter eEg brownies are an easy way to use a mountain of leftover chocolate eggs – just simply add them to the top of your favourite brownie mixture

Choc chip biscuits Easter style

Replace chocolate chips with broken chocolate eggs for a twist on your favourite choc chip biscuit recipe

Mini Easter cheesecakes

These tiny tempters can be enjoyed by chocolate lovers of all ages

Easter slice

This decadent slice is full of caramel gooeyness, coconut, and ground ginger


Why not invite your new neighbours around for a cuppa and sweet treat – I’m sure it would be more than appreciated!