The War-Filled History of Bribie Island

Did you know that during World War II Bribie Island was an essential part of our country’s defence strategy?

Bribie Island has a very interesting history and one that may be unfamiliar to some residents. The beautiful foreshores of Bribie Island play host to support infrastructure that was designed to defend the North West Channel into Moreton Bay after the outbreak of World War II.

The support infrastructure, called Fort Bribie was constructed to house two 6-inch guns, camp huts, two gun emplacements, a Battery Observation Post (BOP), Command Post (CP), Observation Post (OP) and two DEL (Defence Electric Lights, also known as CASL, or Coastal Artillery Searchlights) for soldiers protecting the shorelines.

A fortified observation post on Bribie Island in 1943.

A fortified observation post on Bribie Island in 1943.

Fort Bribie, one of the primary defences for Brisbane has been untouched since it was abandoned in 1945 and apart from the effects of natural forces they remain largely as they would have appeared after the army left the site. Its task was to defend the main shipping channel through Moreton Bay into Brisbane.

In addition, there is rumour that there is an underground hospital on Bribie Island, possibly located at Fort Bribie with an ongoing conspiracy that it is hidden beneath the ruins somewhere till this day. In the 1940s at this hospital there was no resident Doctor and so the sick would parade just minor injuries such as buts on barbed wire, minor gunshot wounds, cold and the flu.

This only scratches the top of the many mysteries that surround the island and the secrets that you can uncover about the history of Bribie Island and the people of the years gone by! Residents at Orianna have easy access to so many tourist attractions without having to travel far at all.

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How to visit:

4WD to Ocean Beach campgrounds and walk to the fort via the Fort Bribie Walk.

Take the 4WD access track from Woorim and travel straight up the beach directly to the fort.

Check out the Visiting Moreton Bay website for more information on accessing Fort Bribie.