New Year’s Resolutions – How unrealistic can we get?

New Year’s Resolutions – How unrealistic can we get?

Create realistic New Years Resolutions this year that you might actually stick too (and have fun while doing too!)

We spend a lot of money on family and friends (and ourselves hopefully) at Christmas and then vow that we will start saving earlier next year, or even look for more ideas on how to DIY Christmas for a cost-saving activity.
For most people, the New Year’s Resolutions we set for ourselves are not only unrealistic but they may also be a contributing factor towards feeling unsatisfied in ourselves in the year to come. Here are some realistic, achievable and meaningful resolutions that you can set and work on all year round.

  1. Learn a party trick
    Knowing a cool party trick (hopefully one that no one else knows!) is a great icebreaker at social events. Mastering a new skill – no matter how pointless – can increase your self-esteem and earn you some serious social kudos at the next party you attend. Whether it be a magic trick, a mental mind game, an unusual musical instrument or something physically impressive, you are sure to gather a group of new friends around you.
  2. Call a friend or family member once a week
    Write down a list of people that you don’t get to speak to as often as you like. Make a conscious effort (write it in your calendar) a schedule of one person to call, text or email every week. Maintaining networks of people around us takes a lot of time and effort but by spreading your energy evenly across the important people in your life you will find yourself more connected and more involved each time you make that conscious effort to reach out to them.
  3. Be a ‘Yes’ person for one month
    Have you seen the movie ‘Yes Man’? No? Then that is the first step to this New Year’s Resolution. Watch it! Then apply the theory to one month in the New Year where you cannot say no (okay…maybe say no to a few less things). You will be surprised at the experiences that you have that you may never have had the chance to when you always just say no!

New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be unachievable. Start with these 3 simple ideas to kicking off 2018 and while you’re at it, add visiting Orianna Sandstone Point to your list of things to do! Contact Karen to book your private tour today.

Christmas DIY Ideas

Looking for a way to DIY your Christmas? Try these fun and cute ideas to dress up your home and wow your family and friends!

1. Cookie Canisters
Recycle your pringles containers and dress them up with some crafty inspiration and you have your very own Christmas cookie canister that you can pack full of goodies for family and friends

2. Snowman Candles
For quick and effective decorating, buy some cheap white candles and drape them with old buttons, scraps of fabric and draw a face on them and you have a bunch of little snowmen around your home.

3. Toilet Roll Bon-Bons
Start collecting your empty toilet rolls now and wow your guests with homemade bon-bons! Include little trinkets inside and wrap in Xmas paper, tied up at the ends with ribbon and this is a cheap and fun Christmas idea.

There are so many more ideas online to save money and utilise items around your home to make some amazing Christmas decorations. Orianna residents will be celebrating Christmas with their neighbours in a number of different ways. If you’d like to join in the fun, you can too, visit to learn more about becoming a part of Orianna Lifestyle Resorts today!