5 Tricks To Boost Your Memory

5 Tricks to boost your memory

No matter whether you can remember what your fifth grade teachers name was or you can’t even remember what you had for breakfast, actively exercising your memory is important.

1. Smell the rosemary

Aromas affect our cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that having a rosemary plant on your windowsill increases alertness.

2. Teach what you have learned

Share your knowledge with others through volunteer teaching.

3. Clench your fists

Clench your right fist while trying to commit something to memory and then later clench your left when you want to remember again. Clenching your hands activates the side of the brain that handles that function.

4. Quit multitasking

Studies show that it takes eight seconds to fully commit a piece of information to memory, so concentrating on the task at hand is crucial.

5. Build a memory palace

A memory palace is basically a visualization of a place that you know well in real life – say, your current house.  In each room of this virtual site, you can place segments of things to remember, with as much visual elaboration as possible. The idea is that, by focusing on tracing your steps through its rooms, you will come across these concepts and remember them. Find out more about building a memory place.

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