Apps of the Month

Apps of the Month

Looking for a cool new application for your mobile phone that can solve a problem for you? Check out the latest applications we’ve reviewed this month!

1. Miiski

This fantastic new application for iPhone and Android allows you to take photos of your skin and moles and more easily track your spots changes. In recent times you would have to document the changes in your skin with pen and paper however this app allows you to keep a timeline and you can compare and contrast changes over time and consult easily with your GP.

2. Uber
Schedule a ride just by tapping the car icon on your phone and confirming your trip details! Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

3. Goodreads

Just finished a really good book and want to tell others about it or struggling to find something else to read? Discover and share your favourite books on the Goodreads app. Don’t purchase a book solely based on its cover anymore, find out what others think first!