Plan Your Holiday Like a Pro!

So, you’ve just booked your fantastic holiday (perhaps you were inspired by the expedition cruise) – but now what? Getting ready and organised is much more than simply just packing. Why not add these 5 tips into your holiday packing routine to help remove some of the last minute stress.


Why not start the holiday looking your best and make sure all those personal appointments (any health appointments / check ups and having your hair or nails done etc) are done before you leave. This way, it’s one less thing for you to worry about while you’re away and you don’t look back on the happy snaps and think… ‘Geez, I wish I had had my roots done!’

Documentation and Communication

Make a copy of all essential information (passport, itinerary, credit cards, insurance) and email it to yourself as well as to a trusted, emergency contact. That way, someone will always know where you are and can help if any documents get lost or stolen along the way.

It’s worthwhile checking in with your phone service provider, just to see if there will be any additional charges and what coverage is available, especially if you are traveling somewhere remote or overseas. There’s nothing worse than being stung with an unsightly phone bill upon your return. Also notify your bank of your travel plans so that they don’t block your account thinking your holiday transactions are suspicious.


Make a list of any special items or travel supplies you might need (always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared) and also pick up a few snacks or frozen / non-perishable food to eat upon your return. Trust us, future you will be thankful they don’t have to go straight to the grocery store.


Living in a secure Orianna’s resort gives you an extra level of comfort to know that you no longer have to worry about your home’s security while your away! Gone are the days of asking a neighbour to collect your mail, turn on the lights every now and again and just check that your home is undisturbed. In saying this, don’t forget to ask your friends to water plants and garden while you’re away!

However, one little tip that might save you later is to put some ice cubes in a zip-lock bag and keep it in the freezer. By doing this, you’ll know straight away if you’ve lost power or not, and whether your frozen food is still safe to eat.


If your trip is overseas, some extra things to think about include whether your passport is still valid 6 months after your return, do you need any visas or extra immunisations. Another good idea is to take some maps / guides / translation information as your phone might not always work. And last but not least, don’t forget the power point adapter and to get some money exchanged.

Regardless of your travel plans, whether it is an overnight trip, week long, month long or an extended period, just add these tips into your routine and modify when necessary. How great is it that you can easily plan your trips without reinventing the wheel every time you want to go.

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