Solar Panels Included at Orianna Sandstone Point

Are you looking for more value in your next, pre-retirement home?

Nowadays there are a lot of options to choose from in the over 50’s lifestyle market, but did you know that your new home at Orianna Lifestyle Resort, Sandstone Point now comes with solar as standard?

Solar energy is sustainable, renewable and the most natural source of power available to generate electricity.

In Queensland where we have the luxury of optimum climate for solar energy, this low maintenance, cost reducing addition can really make a world of difference.

As part of our standard inclusions range for all new homes built within this over 50’s estate, all residents will receive 6 x 250W Solar Panels, a solar inverter and hub and software for a 1.5kW battery.

For those looking to upgrade their solar on their home, there is also an upgrade option available. The solar upgrade pack includes the addition of:

  • Solar power battery hub/software and 1.2kWh battery included
  • Solar hot water Rinnai 315L split system

The major benefit in the solar upgrade being that the battery is included in addition to a solar hot water system.

In addition the reduced cost of power and hot water utilities, you can rest easy knowing your home is more environmentally friendly and reducing your area’s consumption of local power and your personal carbon footprint. Moving into the summer months in sunny Queensland, when electricity bills are notoriously high, it is more vital than ever to implement solar power as a cost-saving element in your home.

If you’d like to learn more about building a new home within an Orianna Lifestyle Resort or just hear more information about the solar inclusions in Orianna Homes, please contact one of our friendly Sales Consultants at our Sandstone Point location on Waterfront Drive or just give them a call today!