Household Ingredients for Health and Vitality

We all know the importance of healthy eating at any stage of life. As we get older, we may become deficient in key vitamins or simply have different health requirements from our foods than we did when we were younger.
As the superfood trend grows and we spend more and more on the next ‘kale’ or ‘goji berry’ fad, we are always looking for something to turn back time and provide vitality, good health and make us feel young for longer – but did you know that there are some common, often overlooked, household items that will do just that (without the hefty price tag)!


AdobeStock_69204872Aside from making baked goods taste delicious, cinnamon also has numerous health benefits when used in cooking and used on the skin. Cinnamon is a great antioxidant and when added to your morning granola or coffee, is also great for your skin. In tea, cinnamon is great for reducing inflammation, aiding respiratory problems and preventing tooth decay and curing bad breath.

Green Tea

Green tea, for starters, is a great natural alternative to coffee for your morning caffeine hit, but did you know it is also a powerful antioxidant and can help reduce cholesterol? Drinking a cup per day of a good quality green tea is associated with reduced risk of stroke and studies suggest sipping green tea can also reduce your risk of heart disease.



In addition to its strong and delicious flavour and versatility in cooking, garlic is also a proven immunity booster. When taken in its raw form, garlic is a great supplement for treating cold symptoms. The active compounds in garlic can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.


Credit: Medical News Today, Authority Nutrition,

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