Christmas DIY Ideas

Christmas DIY Ideas

Looking for a way to DIY your Christmas? Try these fun and cute ideas to dress up your home and wow your family and friends!

1. Cookie Canisters
Recycle your pringles containers and dress them up with some crafty inspiration and you have your very own Christmas cookie canister that you can pack full of goodies for family and friends

2. Snowman Candles
For quick and effective decorating, buy some cheap white candles and drape them with old buttons, scraps of fabric and draw a face on them and you have a bunch of little snowmen around your home.

3. Toilet Roll Bon-Bons
Start collecting your empty toilet rolls now and wow your guests with homemade bon-bons! Include little trinkets inside and wrap in Xmas paper, tied up at the ends with ribbon and this is a cheap and fun Christmas idea.

There are so many more ideas online to save money and utilise items around your home to make some amazing Christmas decorations. Orianna residents will be celebrating Christmas with their neighbours in a number of different ways. If you’d like to join in the fun, you can too, visit to learn more about becoming a part of Orianna Lifestyle Resorts today!