The Grey Nomads – April

Whether you have an hour, a day or a lifetime to travel, there is always somewhere new to explore. Check out these locations below and start planning your next adventure!


Within 1 Hour

Buckleys Hole Regional Park 

A bird watchers and keen fisherman’s dream destination!

The park covers 87.7 hectrares of costal forest and wetlands on the south-west of Bribie Island, with freshwater lagoons, woodland, open forest and beaches ready for you to explore.

The park is a rare jewel of untouched beauty – be safe and enjoy nature’s playground.

For more information visit Buckleys Hole Regional Park

Within 1 Day


The Commonwealth Games isn’t the only big thing coming to Brisbane and the Gold Coast in April… FESTIVAL 2018 is a 12 day, action packed event where you can experience music, theatre, circus, dance, ideas, visual arts and film.

The best part about it? This festival is coming to Brisbane (so you don’t even have to worry about battling the traffic on the GC if you don’t want too) AND most of the events and exhibitions are FREE!

For more information visit Festival 2018


Anzac Day Dawn Service at Gallipoli

Travel to the solemn Gallipoli Peninsula battlefields on the anniversary of the landing and wander through Anzac Cove to the Nek and Lone Pine. Walk through the trenches, attend the prestigious dawn service and hear the stories of heroism and camaraderie immortalised in Australia’s Anzac history. This journey provides a great opportunity to pay respects to the fallen of World War 1 and to reflect on what they fought for.

For more information visit Overseas Commemorations

Using up those leftover Easter Eggs

Ever get tired of eating Easter Eggs? We didn’t think so either… but on the off chance there’s an abundant amount leftover, here’s a few ideas that you can put an Easter Egg touch to in the kitchen

Hot fudge sundae

Melt all your eggs in one saucepan and use the mixture for a hot fudge sundae

Chocolate pudding

Make a chocolate pudding filled with melted Easter Eggs.

Easter Egg brownies

Easter eEg brownies are an easy way to use a mountain of leftover chocolate eggs – just simply add them to the top of your favourite brownie mixture

Choc chip biscuits Easter style

Replace chocolate chips with broken chocolate eggs for a twist on your favourite choc chip biscuit recipe

Mini Easter cheesecakes

These tiny tempters can be enjoyed by chocolate lovers of all ages

Easter slice

This decadent slice is full of caramel gooeyness, coconut, and ground ginger


Why not invite your new neighbours around for a cuppa and sweet treat – I’m sure it would be more than appreciated!


What do you remember from the Melbourne Cup?

What do you remember from the Melbourne Cup?

With November comes one of the most celebrated sporting events of Australian history – The Melbourne Cup. The race was first run in 1861 and has since been fondly named “The Race that Stops as Nation”.

While Melbourne is the only lucky city that gets to enjoy a public holiday on this day, Queenslander’s still firmly take part in the tradition. Whether it be at work, school or down at the local RSL or pub, everyone stops to watch the two-mile thoroughbred horse race where many iconic horses and their jockeys have been crowned champion.

One of the most famous winners of the cup was undoubtedly Makybe Diva, a horse that won the infamous race three years in a row, a feat never completed by any other. Makybe and her team rose to fame and is the highest stakes-earner in Australian racing history. This beauty of a horse has finished with winnings of more than $14 million upon her retirement.

Another notable cup day was in 2015 when Michelle Payne took out the title, riding Prince of Penzance to become the first female jockey to win the event. Ms Payne became an inspiration to young girls with their hearts firmly set on rising to the top of the racing world.

The Melbourne Cup has seen its fair share of adversity triumphs but this has been coupled with a few disasters and scandals as well. But no matter what happens on the first Tuesday of each November, Australians love for the cup has never faded.

Orianna will be hosting their own celebrations for Melbourne Cup Day! Residents at Orianna enjoy getting together to celebrate many events throughout the year. When you become a member of Club Orianna you can join in the fun too! Find out more now.

Apps of the Month

Apps of the Month

Looking for a cool new application for your mobile phone that can solve a problem for you? Check out the latest applications we’ve reviewed this month!

1. Miiski

This fantastic new application for iPhone and Android allows you to take photos of your skin and moles and more easily track your spots changes. In recent times you would have to document the changes in your skin with pen and paper however this app allows you to keep a timeline and you can compare and contrast changes over time and consult easily with your GP.

2. Uber
Schedule a ride just by tapping the car icon on your phone and confirming your trip details! Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

3. Goodreads

Just finished a really good book and want to tell others about it or struggling to find something else to read? Discover and share your favourite books on the Goodreads app. Don’t purchase a book solely based on its cover anymore, find out what others think first!

Household Ingredients for Health and Vitality

We all know the importance of healthy eating at any stage of life. As we get older, we may become deficient in key vitamins or simply have different health requirements from our foods than we did when we were younger. Read more