Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Each and every one of us knows someone who has been touched by this terrible disease but there is hope. In June this year, Victorian researchers found that piggy-backing chemotherapy with two drugs that fire up the body’s immune system completely arrests the growth of tumours in an aggressive form of breast cancer.

New developments in this space are happening right across the world and it is not possible for this work to continue without the help of dedicated fundraisers.

This October, come together with friends and family and help to raise funds for life-changing breast cancer research by either attending or hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast.

To find out more about events in the local area or information on how you could host your own breakfast visit the Pink Ribbon Breakfast website. 

Where do my donations go?

According to the Cancer Council, 61,000 Australian lives have been saved by improvements in cancer prevention, screening and treatment over the past 20 years. Preventing cancer is one of the most effective ways of beating it. That’s why donations to help fund cancer prevention are vital. They are used to create and provide resources that are distributed to people affected along with a dedicated hotline offering patients, carers, families and the community the support that is so greatly needed.

In addition, patients and their families are provided with financial support for household expenses and the cost of undergoing treatment during their fight. No matter how small or how big a donation is, every dollar counts and is treasured by those affected.

5 Tricks To Boost Your Memory

5 Tricks to boost your memory

No matter whether you can remember what your fifth grade teachers name was or you can’t even remember what you had for breakfast, actively exercising your memory is important.

1. Smell the rosemary

Aromas affect our cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that having a rosemary plant on your windowsill increases alertness.

2. Teach what you have learned

Share your knowledge with others through volunteer teaching.

3. Clench your fists

Clench your right fist while trying to commit something to memory and then later clench your left when you want to remember again. Clenching your hands activates the side of the brain that handles that function.

4. Quit multitasking

Studies show that it takes eight seconds to fully commit a piece of information to memory, so concentrating on the task at hand is crucial.

5. Build a memory palace

A memory palace is basically a visualization of a place that you know well in real life – say, your current house.  In each room of this virtual site, you can place segments of things to remember, with as much visual elaboration as possible. The idea is that, by focusing on tracing your steps through its rooms, you will come across these concepts and remember them. Find out more about building a memory place.

A final really important way to keep your memory sharp involves exercise. At Orianna Lifestyle Resorts, recreational activities are abundant! Find out more about the types of activities you could be involved in when you become a resident at Orianna!

Things to do with the grandkids these school holidays!

Things to do with the Grandkids these school holidays!

You may have just had a visit from the Grandkids these school holidays and perhaps you were stumped to find something different to do with them! Be prepared for when the Christmas holidays arrive and show off your cool Grandparent self with these local and awesome ideas for busting boredom.

Osprey House Environmental Centre

Take the kids to the Osprey House at North Lakes where they will get to observe ospreys raising their young and experience the nesting habits of these unique birds. Follow that up with a visit to the koalas, some bird watching and a picnic and you’ve got yourself a great day out for everyone!

Visit their website or call 07 3886 4463 for more information.

Hyperbowl Strathpine

Tenpin bowling is a great activity to do with kids that doesn’t break the bank or the back. The Hyperbowl at Strathpine is open 7 days a week and also has a café for that mid-game snack! There’s nothing like a bit of competition between family members.

Visit their website or phone 07 3205 4033 for more information.

Aqua Park Bli Bli

This activity may not be for the feint hearted but there are plenty of spots to relax around the park as well. Aqua Park at Bli Bli has a series of inflatable slides, runways and jumping pillows that are sure to be a hit with the kids and tire them out too!

Visit their website or phone 07 5448 7555 for more information.

The War-Filled History of Bribie Island

Did you know that during World War II Bribie Island was an essential part of our country’s defence strategy?

Bribie Island has a very interesting history and one that may be unfamiliar to some residents. The beautiful foreshores of Bribie Island play host to support infrastructure that was designed to defend the North West Channel into Moreton Bay after the outbreak of World War II.

The support infrastructure, called Fort Bribie was constructed to house two 6-inch guns, camp huts, two gun emplacements, a Battery Observation Post (BOP), Command Post (CP), Observation Post (OP) and two DEL (Defence Electric Lights, also known as CASL, or Coastal Artillery Searchlights) for soldiers protecting the shorelines.

A fortified observation post on Bribie Island in 1943.

A fortified observation post on Bribie Island in 1943.

Fort Bribie, one of the primary defences for Brisbane has been untouched since it was abandoned in 1945 and apart from the effects of natural forces they remain largely as they would have appeared after the army left the site. Its task was to defend the main shipping channel through Moreton Bay into Brisbane.

In addition, there is rumour that there is an underground hospital on Bribie Island, possibly located at Fort Bribie with an ongoing conspiracy that it is hidden beneath the ruins somewhere till this day. In the 1940s at this hospital there was no resident Doctor and so the sick would parade just minor injuries such as buts on barbed wire, minor gunshot wounds, cold and the flu.

This only scratches the top of the many mysteries that surround the island and the secrets that you can uncover about the history of Bribie Island and the people of the years gone by! Residents at Orianna have easy access to so many tourist attractions without having to travel far at all.

Find out more about how you can join the Orianna community too.

How to visit:

4WD to Ocean Beach campgrounds and walk to the fort via the Fort Bribie Walk.

Take the 4WD access track from Woorim and travel straight up the beach directly to the fort.

Check out the Visiting Moreton Bay website for more information on accessing Fort Bribie.

Caravanning to the Far North

Caravanning to the Far North

What you should know and where you should go

Caravans are a great way to explore everything the South East Coast has to offer. When choosing your next travel destination by road, consider the experiences the Far North of QLD has to offer! Not to mention the beautiful warm weather, even in the cooler months!

Taking a road trip north along the coast offers travellers spectacular scenery, views and hidden stopovers with a mix of city and country all in the one holiday.

The Basics

  • Plan your itinerary and route
    • Being organised is the most important point to ensure you have an enjoyable caravanning adventure. Before you go, set out a detailed plan of what you want to see. This will ensure you have enough time to see everything and that you are venturing the roads with the best scenery. Schedule in plenty of time to relax!
  • Travel during off-peak season
    • Far North Queensland and particularly the must-see destinations surrounding Cairns are hot spots for families during the holiday season due to the family-oriented amenities and activities available. Check the school term dates on the government website before you plan your caravanning adventure here.
  • Keeping your caravan safe
    • Pack as lightly as possible for your road trip. Ease of towing and fuel efficiency is greatly affected the more load that you are carrying. Once again planning is key – knowing the kind of trip and how long it will take, the number of people that are going and the different environments you will be staying in will ensure you only pack the essentials.

Once You Reach FNQ

Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest, rumoured to be one of the oldest rainforests on the planet is about a 3 hour drive from Cairns. This rainforest is home to a unique collection of fauna, flora, fungi and native animals not experienced anywhere else in the country. Take a guided tour or choose to explore the beautifully natural surroundings all on your own.
Where to stay: Daintree Riverview Lodges and Van Park

Great Barrier Reef

An icon of the nort-east coast, the Great Barrier Reef offers visitors breathtaking scenery that can be experiened by boat, plane, helicopter or for the more adventurous, snorkelling and diving! There are many islands located throughout the reef making for great day trips leaving Cairns.
Where to stay: Cairns Holiday Park

Kuranda Scenic Railway and Skyrail

You can’t visit Far North Queensland without taking a ride on the Kuranda Scenic Railway or Skyrail. One of the most unique rail journeys in Australia passing spectacular waterfalls and straight into the Barron Gorge. Kuranda itself showcases historic and unique attractions, markets and shopping experiences.
Where to stay: Crystal Cascades Holiday Park

Orianna Lifestyle Resorts provides security for those who wish to get out and about on a great caravanning adventure. Enquire today about how your home can be well looked after while you are away!

The Benefits of Having a Furry Friend

Living in a pet friendly resort is good for your health!

No matter at what age, the benefits of regular contact with animals can help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and increase physical activity among other things.

Humans are constantly worried about something. Whether it be the bills, children, parents or what the future holds in 10 years’ time. These thoughts, albeit natural and experienced by everyone are one of the main drivers for depression and anxiety in our lives.

On the other hand, dogs and other pets don’t experience worry in the same way we do and live very much in the here and now. These feelings rub off on owners and can help reduce the worries of the future experienced more frequently by the mature population.

In addition to this, there are many other health benefits to having a furry friend:

  1. Increased physical activity
  2. Companionship
  3. Left-over disposal
  4. Reduced stress levels
  5. Sense of responsibility and routine
  6. Increased social interaction
  7. Security
  8. Spending more time outdoors

Orianna Lifestyle Resorts are a pet friendly community that encourages residents to include their pets in life decisions. Orianna has many pet friendly activities scheduled in the calendar where you don’t have to leave your best friend at home either!

Don’t have a furry friend yet? There are many animals who, through no fault of their own have ended up in pounds and rescues right across the country. Your new friend could be waiting for you right now. Visit the RSCPA website today.

To find out more about how you could move into Orianna over 50’s lifestyle resort with your furry friend,  contact us today!

Seniors Card Perks You May Not Know About

Seniors Card Perks You May Not Know About

Queensland is the sunny state and the lucky state when it comes to discounts and incentives for seniors in comparison to other states across Australia. Queensland seniors can make the most of the varying discounts available, but you first need to know what you can get and where you can get it from.

We conducted a search of the Queensland Government website to see what perks are available that you might be missing out on and found over 310 discounts within a 20km radius that range from products, services and everything in-between.


Magazine Subscriptions

Get 10% off all magazine subscriptions including Taste, New Idea, Better Homes and Gardens and Quilters Companion. You name the magazine, book or newspaper and it’s bound to be 10% off with a Seniors Card!

Travel Insurance

Thinking of going on a holiday and should organise some travel insurance? Many companies offer 10% off for those with a Seniors Card! More money kept in your pocket for the trip!

Public Transport

Seniors Cards allow you to travel on public buses and trains for a fraction of the cost that you would usually pay! You will need to apply for a Seniors card +go by visiting the Seniors Card website online or calling 13 74 68. Explore the local area and beyond for next to nothing!


Nobody enjoys the dentist but you can make it a little less painful by getting 10% off the gap amount for general dental at 1300SMILES dentists! Just show your Seniors Card when you visit any one of their stores.


These are just a few of the crazy amount of perks that you can get when you show your Seniors Card. From muffins and coffees to optometrists and even car repairs and servicing. Make sure you always ask for a Seniors discount!

Want to check out more deals yourself? Head to the QLD Government website.

One more perk that you may not know about is the first-class facilities and resort style living available to over 50’s at Orianna Lifestyle Resorts which has some pretty good perks of it’s own! Find out more today!